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Fun Facts About Moles

There are around 30 species of mole in the world and 7 in the United States.

Moles are closely related to hedgehogs and shrews.

Moles are members of the oldest mammal family from which all furry modern animals are descended.

The first moles were found in Europe 45 million years ago.

The average mole is only 6 inches long and weighs around the same as an apple.

Moles normally live between 3 and 6 years.

The body of a mole is muscly to help it with tunneling.

The front feet of a mole have 5 sharp claws which helps with the digging of burrows.

Moles are almost continuously digging their burrows and searching for food.

One of the most distinguishing features of a mole is its pin-sized eyes.

Since moles spend the majority of their time living in darkness, sharp eyesight is not important.

Moles do not have strong senses of smell or hearing but is extremely sensitive to touch.

A mole can sense vibrations in the soil around it.

Moles have sensitive whiskers and thousands of tiny, sensitive hairs on their noses to help find their way around and detect food and water.

Moles have velvety fur that keeps them from getting stuck on the walls of the tunnels that they dig.

While most moles are black, they can also be found in other colors such as cream, grey, white and orange.

Many believe that moles are rodents, but they are in fact mammals.

A male mole is called a boar, and a female is known as a sow.

A mole eats around half of its body weight in food each day.

If a mole does not eat every few hours it will die of starvation.

Mole feed mainly on earthworms and insects, but sometimes eat small rodents such as mice.

Moles are active during the day and night.

Moles are active for around 4 hours at a time and then rest for the same amount.

In a day, a single mole can dig up to 18m of tunnel.

Moles live mostly underground in woodland, pasture and gardens.

Moles are solitary animals but travel in pairs during breeding.

If two male moles meet they are likely to fight fiercely, often resulting in the death of one of them.

Moles breed from March to May only.

A female mole is pregnant for just 30 days and generally has between 2 and 7 babies.

Baby moles are blind and naked when they are born and don't grow fur until they are around 2 weeks old with their eyes opening about a week later.

Moles are ready to leave the nest at around 5 weeks old and will travel over ground in search of a territory of their own.

When mating, the male mole will visit the female's burrow and leave immediately after they are done, playing no part in raising the young.

The female mole builds a special chamber for her young about the size of a football and lines it with dry leaves and grass.

Moles can run backwards through their tunnels and turn around completely by performing a somersault.

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